So here we go, this is my first post on the learning log. Wish me luck on the journey through this OCA Photography Foundation course. Using a blog as a learning tool is not entirely new to me, as I have a blog around my professional expertise. Surprisingly, I’ve found the process of committing something to a blog post an important process. It has made me stop and think about what do I really think about a subject, what do I want to tell the world about and is it important. Here I think this blog will be more free flowing and more open.

The above image is one I liked from a recent assignment I undertook for a friend, I think I was attracted by the angles and the crispness of the delineation between the subject and background.

Incidentally, I normally take a lot of sports images, in particular, enjoying capturing the drama, passion, determination and motion involved in many sports. This course will take me outside my comfort zone, watch out for the learning here.