The photos in the early stages of the course book aren’t wowing me in the way I expected, some look to me like fairly ordinary images, for example, Brownfields by Stephen King. I’ve kept going, as this is an Art course, and am trying to appreciate all the images. The problem is probably that I trained as an engineer, where beauty comes from technical expertise. I’ve tried to achieve this with my photography to date, and have made some progress (see post image, quite a challenging technical image using panning and a range of techniques to get the exposure right). Many of my images are trying to be technically high, perhaps to the detriment of the artistry of the image.

Then I read a book about photography being contemporary art. Wow, have I got some learning to do, the book has many images that I might previously have seen as ordinary, but the book narrative is really helpful in understanding the art in the images, although in some cases I don’t agree with the author description trying to justify why something is art. Link to the book is below.

I suspect the issue of seeing artistry will be a constant challenge for me throughout the course, particularly if the technical elements either aren’t very challenging or are poorly executed.