Wow, 30 mins isn’t very long or perhaps 100 images is a lot. Either way, I ended up taking 45 minutes to get my 100 photos after a slow start.

I started this exercise, found an interesting spot and started taking photos. I started with the obvious shots and found myself being distracted by objects 50ft away and so went to photograph them. As I’ve been trying to get used to Manual mode on the Camera, I used this, but this was way too slow. After a little while, I checked, I had 20 shots in 20mins or so and I’d wandered 250m from where I first started. Time to change approach, so I went semi automatic and panicked, taking shots of everything. Soon, I ran out of subjects and started really studying the space I was in and found lots of very unlikely subjects, patterns, shapes and lines. I think this was what the exercise was really about, so kept shooting until I got the 100 images.

The result will be in the next post (once I’ve processed the images on my return from Hols), but the learning is that there are interesting subjects all around and having been put under pressure, I found a slightly different perspective on the world and hopefully will have a better appreciation of what might make a good subject.

My only disappointment was that having found a really interesting place for photos, and having got up before sunrise and walked 2 miles, it was cloudy and the light was therefore fairly uninteresting. I also got wet walking back, again not predicted by the forecast.