Dave Wyatt, Thames Town V

One of the images in the OCA text was confusing and has meant I may need to reassess my assumptions that the image alone tells the story. The image of an English looking Town scene taken in China (featured image in this post)   wasn’t very clear and a juxtaposition between form and content, and made me stop and think, what’s going on. The scene looks like a town local to me and was clearly in the UK, but it was only when I read the narrative that I discovered it is in China and the nature of the juxtaposition, but just looking at the image doesn’t give me any clues that this is the case. What’s the big deal then? My assumptions about photography is that the image needs to tell a story, but without the narrative, this was just an image of an English town. Does this mean that photography doesn’t stand alone, that narrative is needed. Looking through some photography books, this does seem to be the case. Sometimes the title is enough narrative, but when more narrative is required to explain an image, does this mean it has lost its impact and somehow is a lesser form of artistic impression. It’s probably a bit early to draw any conclusions, but something to consider during the course.