It’s incredible how difficult change can be, and how it knocks your confidence. I should know better, as my professional role focuses on making service changes, however the shoe is on the other foot. It’s frustrating.

To help capture images for my OCA course, I bought a small compact Camera that I could easily carry with me all the time. Another Canon, so when it arrived it had all the same symbols and worked in a similar way to my SLR. After some experimentation, I was able to work how most features, including some the advanced features worked. The change was relatively easy to cope with, until I tried to upload some of the photos onto Aperture, there were no conversion files for the RAW format for the new camera, something I should have realised as Aperture hasn’t been supported for at least 2 years (something I’d recently discovered).

So, I needed to move to Adobe Lightroom earlier than I thought. Supposedly, the most similar product to Aperture. I bought the product and after 3 days (for the PC, not me) the existing photos were all converted, but how different it is.

After years of using and perfecting my photo processing workflow, I’m going to have to do this all over again as well as find a way of easily finding all my existing photos. I can’t find the photos I want, they a buried in folders that I’ve forgotten what they were for. I can now now empathise a bit more with frustrated people in my professional life.

To be honest, it’s put me off taking photos, because I know it’s going to take hours to work out how to process, store and export them to get the same results I can do in minutes on Aperture. A somewhat unhelpful distraction from the OCA course.