Although I’m still struggling to get to grips with Lightroom, I’ve discovered it has a feature that allows images to be combined, probably a bit like HDR, although it doesn’t seem as intense.

Following an earlier OCA course exercise that suggested using long exposures and exposure bracketing to achieve softness in the images (overexposed ones), I though I’d combine some images with different exposures, including some that I took as part of Assignment 1.

I quite liked most of the images the combination feature produces, allowing the best of all the images to be included. The image featured at the beginning of the post, for instance, has kept the colours and impact of the late evening sky. whilst exposing enough of the bridge for it be part of the subject matter of the image.

There are some drawbacks, some of the colours can appear very odd, and make some combinations unusable. However, with a little tweeking many seem to have value, especially with grey sky, something that is common where I live!

The following are some of my early results of using the combination feature: